Release Notes – 10 June 2024

The progress report can be customized entirely based on your organisation requirements. We have releases its first phase when you can customize the below  segments:

  1. The columns of report can be customized by choosing from the available list of fields of work item statement.
  2. The report will display the standard columns initially.
  3. By clicking choose columns, the columns can be removed and added to the report, change the order of columns. It also includes the custom fields.
  4. User can not unselect mandatory columns like epics, features.
  5. User can filter on all available standard filters and custom fields filters.
  6. Export to excel and PDF based on the selected columns


Priority Model

Priority model is made flexible on choosing the effort in the formula. Effort can be removed and added back in the formula by clicking on it.

Removing the effort from formula will also hides the effort and cost of delay column from prioritization screen.


Filters on Dependency view

Filters on dependency view is enabled and it will be retained same as other filters in scenario. The dependencies will be filtered on the selected filters.


Enhancements & Fixes:

  1. Security issue – User account gets blocked after 10 wrong attempts.
  2. UI improvements
    1. handling multiple work items types in scenario
    2. Work item tile in roadmap
    3. Custom fields layout in work item statement
  3. Prioritization screen performance is improved
  4. Handling of special character “\” in roadmap drag and drop
  5. Pagination changed from scroll to numbered pagination to improve the user experience and better clarity


In Development (Coming Soon)
  1. Customize scenario/progress report (Phase 2)
    1. Add custom graphic widgets
    2. Customize the filters
    3. Save report templates
  2. Capacity overview report